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SQL Server Latch Waits

Some SQL Server latches can come into contention with one another. This is intended and necessary as part of the need to serialize access. However, as with locking, this does raise the prospect of blocking, and consequently latch waiting.

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Defining Constraints within CREATE TABLE in Oracle 12c

You can use the CREATE TABLE statement to enforce several different kinds of constraints on a table: candidate keys, primary keys, foreign keys, and check conditions. A CONSTRAINT clause can constrain a single column or group of columns in a table. The point of these constraints is to get Oracle to do most of the work […]

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Four Ways Your Network Could Change in Four Years

While network administrators are used to keeping the lights on, the time is approaching for a major change in the way networks look and run. While SDN is still in its infancy, the value is indisputable as are the initial attempts at implementation in the form of Cisco® ACI and VMware® NSX. With ARIN down […]

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