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Can Data Keep Pace with DevOps and Agile?

Provisioning a new server has become increasingly easy with virtualization. Provisioning data, however, can be more challenging, especially in Agile shops where the volume of environments required to support dev and testing can easily go beyond the abilities of your IT operations to keep up. Is there any way to make it easier? We brought […]

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Slow is still slow: database performance matters even in the cloud

Lately, the big IT buzzword is cloud solutions.  In fact, if you believe all of the hype, most companies are moving en masse from on-premise solutions to cloud-based architectures. On the surface, the cloud-based solution certainly seems to be a more affordable solution that not only reduces the complexities of on-premise build-outs and maintenance, but […]

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3 Reasons You Should Move to Cloud

Cloud is the next buzz word in the industry. If we were to quiz any CIO on what are some of the big bets they want to make in the next 6-12 months–using cloud will surely be one of them. Why has this new concept has caught on like forest fire? Why are organizations exploring […]

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