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Indexing Partitions in Oracle

When you create a partitioned table, you should create an index on the table. The index may be partitioned according to the same range values used to partition the table. In the following listing, the CREATE INDEX command for the BOOKSHELF_LIST_PART (list-partitioned) table is shown. The index partitions are placed in the PART1_NDX_TS and PART2_NDX_TS […]

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Creating Reference and Interval Partitions in Oracle

Two significant enhancements to partitioning introduced in Oracle 11g are reference partitioning and interval partitioning. Reference partitioning allows you to create a partition based on a column that is not in the table being partitioned, but rather is a foreign key reference to a different table. This can be useful for partitioning related tables in […]

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Why Use Data Partitioning in Oracle 12c

As user communities require more and more detailed information to remain competitive, it has fallen to database designers and administrators to help ensure that the information is managed effectively and can be retrieved for analysis efficiently. In this section, we discuss partitioning data and the reasons why it is so important when working with large […]

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