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Collecting and Alerting on Deadlocks for SQL Server

SolarWinds DPA can collect a count of the number of deadlocks to be displayed as a resource graph. For Ignite versions prior to 8.2, you can update two files in order to start collecting the number of deadlocks. Enabling DPA to Collect Deadlock Information The code below takes advantage of the system_health extended event session […]

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Optimize MySQL Transaction Performance: Avoiding Deadlocks

In Part 1 of this article series on optimizing transactional performance of MySQL databases, we explored the importance of keeping transactions small, and in part 2, we discussed selecting appropriate isolation levels. No discussion of transactional performance is complete without a brief look at deadlocks. If you’re familiar with OS programming, you might already know […]

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SQL Server Lock Escalation

When more than 5,000 locks are taken out on the rows or pages of a particular table within a single T-SQL statement, lock escalation is triggered. Understanding lock escalation can help you in performance tuning.

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