Oracle EM Cloud Control 12c and the Lifecycle Management Pack

on October 30, 2015

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c has been enhanced to provide support for the management of the entire lifecycle of the targets that it is managing. This includes the ability not only to deploy the software necessary for running the targets, such as OS, database, middleware, and applications, but also to handle monitoring, change management, patching, configuration management, and compliance management. These abilities of OEM Cloud Control 12c provide complete lifecycle management capabilities.
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c has provided a number of tools for lifecycle management to deliver the following solutions:


  •  Discovery   OEM Cloud Control will determine software deployments that can become managed targets within Cloud Control via either automated discovery or manual discovery. Installs Agent software in order to manage those targets. Includes a workflow in order to easily, efficiently, and accurately deploy management software.
  • Provisioning   Used to discover bare metal servers and existing target servers. Can be used to provision Linux OS on bare metal servers or hypervisors with Oracle VM. Provisions database software as well as application software such as middleware and application servers. Supports upgrading Oracle databases, including Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).
  • Patching   Provides a patching framework that incorporates patch plans to patch Oracle databases in an automated and efficient manner. Compares current configuration and patch sets, notifies you when patches are available, and recommends specific patches. Validates patch plans and notifies you of potential issues and problems. Provides the option for out-of-place patching, in-place patching, and rolling patches.
  • Change Management   Captures database configurations and provides the ability to compare systems or compare a system with a previous incarnation. Propagates changes from one system to another system based on these changes. Can be used to compare local and remote databases.
  • Configuration Management   Captures and compares configuration information throughout the enterprise. Monitors change activity throughout the enterprise. Creates relationships between managed entities.
  • Compliance Management   Evaluates compliance of targets and systems. Advises how to correct compliance issues. Allows you to customize your own compliance framework.


The provisioning and patch automation packs that were included in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g have now been enhanced and their functionality has been rolled into the Lifecycle Management Pack. These are the components of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c that are used to automate the application of patches, deploy components such as databases and middleware, and even for the deployment of operating systems on bare metal hardware. The provisioning functionality is one of the most powerful components of Cloud Control and is related to the patch automation pack as well as the Cloud Control Software Library.

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