Three Tips to Increase IT Help Desk Efficiencies

By Staff Contributor on February 12, 2017

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We live and work in an increasingly competitive world. For that reason, most companies streamline processes and improve operational efficiencies wherever possible. And, while, the IT help desk performs critical functions in many organizations, costs and productivity levels are often areas in need of improvement. In addition to solving internal and external technical issues, a successful IT help desk provides much-needed customer service and builds strong word-of-mouth promotion, which helps build the business’ reputation.

Modest investments in assets like help desk software have a demonstrated effect on improving efficiency. There are three main ways help desk software facilitates productivity: automation, staff performance, and change management. Here are three tips your company can use to increase IT help desk efficiencies.

1. Automation

Automation and the growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are trends forecasted to continue growing in the coming years. Automation helps in two ways: First, it enables businesses to complete tasks more quickly, making them more agile, adaptable, and responsive to market shifts—essential traits in today’s global marketplace.

Second, automation makes it possible to use IT staff more productively. Without an automated system or knowledge base, IT staff can labor over tedious tasks such as password resets or username retrieval. Self-service options in help desk software allow end users to solve common problems on their own. Repetitive tasks can waste time and are mentally draining, which can lead to specialist burnout. Help desk software allows technicians to spend time troubleshooting problems commensurate with their expertise.

2. Performance of IT Staff

Another important consideration in maximizing your efficiency is making sure your IT service team is performing at its best.  Overstaffing or giving too much overtime can hinder productivity. Your techs should be able to prioritize tickets quickly, tending to more urgent issues before moving on to less-pressing requests. Help desk solutions enable your technicians to resolve requests efficiently using automation and the knowledge base (KB).

A help desk tool also maximizes efficiency by providing key metrics and performance indicators for each tech. These may be used to guide training or provide one-on-one assistance to those who struggle with their workload.

3. Streamline Change Management

Change in your organization is inevitable as your business grows and technology continues to evolve. An effective change management strategy is essential; otherwise, you must cope with less-efficient processes and unplanned downtime. Even worse, your company might find itself at risk for failing to implement or sustain organizational changes. A help desk tool can facilitate the process by creating a centralized system of approvals and planning downtime to minimize losses in productivity. And, when significant changes require approvals from a board of directors or senior management, members can log on and remotely submit approvals or denials in real-time.

Help desk solutions play a fundamental role in helping companies organize their processes for change management. IT staff is encouraged to follow best practices and prioritize tasks to hasten the implementation timeline.

Maximize Your Efficiency with a Help Desk Tool

Organizations are always looking for ways to maximize productivity and reduce costs. Help desk software will enable your IT support staff to automate common tasks, and direct end users to access the KB for help. Help desk software allows your IT team use their time productively, troubleshoot issues effectively, and focus on the higher-level technological issues that allow your business to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

Help desk solutions can offer a wide range of functionalities your company may need to reach its efficiency goals. Want to get started? Download a free trial.

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