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Oracle Hard Parsing: A Closer Look

The prior article discussed the Oracle library cache, the difference between a hard parse and a soft parse, and a bit on bind variable processing as well. To review, Oracle hard parsing reads in statistics, utilizes index information and creates an execution plan. Soft parsing already has the execution plan and doesn’t need to revisit the statisticsand […]

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Two Options for Query Optimization with SQL Server

Working with SQL Server is always a challenge. As developers try to troubleshoot SQL Server performance problems, the first step that take is to look at the queries. This is the most basic step and most important step for most developers. Developers love these challenges of optimization because they can get the maximum visible performance improvements in their […]

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SQL Server Query Hint–JOIN

The JOIN query hint applies to all joins within the query. While this is similar to the join hint that can be specified for an individual join between a pair of tables within a large more complex query, the query hint applies to all joins within the query, whereas the join hint applies only to the pair of tables in the join with which it is associated.

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