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Migrating SQL Server Databases to In-Memory OLTP with AMR

SQL Server 2014’s new In-Memory OLTP feature can potentially revolutionize your OLTP workloads by providing big performance increases with little or no changes to your servers or application code. Microsoft’s In-Memory OLTP delivers performance improvements of 2x to 30x depending on the application. As a brief reminder, SQL server 2014’s In-Memory OLTP works by memory-optimizing […]

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Using SQL Server 2014’s New In-Memory OLTP

There’s no doubt that the most important new feature that Microsoft added to SQL Server 2014 is the new In-Memory OLTP engine. The In-Memory OLTP engine enables you to move select tables and stored procedures into memory for high-performance, low-latency data access. With CPU processing speeds plateauing and memory capacities expanding, Microsoft turned to utilizing RAM […]

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