Oracle RAC Cache Fusion Reads and Writes

By Richard Niemiec on June 17, 2013

Cache Fusion reads occur when a user on one system queries a block and then a user on another system queries the same block. The block is passed over the high speed interconnect (versus being read from disk). Cache fusion writes occur when a block previously changed by another instance needs to be written to disk in response to a checkpoint or cache aging. When this occurs, Oracle sends a message to notify the other instance that a fusion write will be performed to move the data block to disk. Fusion writes do not require an additional write to disk and are a subset of all physical writes incurred by an instance. The ratio DBWR fusion writes to physical writes shows the proportion of writes that Oracle manages with fusion writes.

Here is a query to determine ratio of cache fusion writes:




Here is some sample output:





A larger than usual value for cache fusion writes ratio may indicate:

  • Insufficiently large caches
  • Insufficient checkpoints
  • Large numbers of buffers written due to cache replacement or checkpointing


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