Adopting the 7 Principles of DevOps and Cloud Operations

on February 10, 2016

The benefits of DevOps are clear: higher quality software, better performance, agility, responsiveness, and more. And yet, DevOps seems like an impossible mirage for most teams. It requires a complete change of culture, new tools, new processes, and new skills. Adopting DevOps is a monumental task.

However, there is an option. If we look at the underlying principles of DevOps and understand the fundamental concepts from which DevOps derives its value for IT organizations, we have the opportunity to adopt these principles, and embrace a DevOps mindset in an IT organization without the need to go through the deep transformation required to adopt the processes and culture change.

Furthermore, embracing these principles is almost a prerequisite in the path to DevOps adoption. These seven principles bring benefits even to IT operation teams that operate separately from development teams, promoting collaboration and allowing IT departments to enjoy many of the benefits of DevOps.



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