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Log Retention and Compliance

At some point, almost every organization needs to assess their ability to meet regulatory compliance guidelines. Having all network, systems, and security data in check for an audit can be a challenge for IT teams. This is primarily because most regulatory standards mandate the collection and storage of logs for compliance. PCI DSS: Specifies the […]

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How an FTP Server Makes Disaster Recovery Reliable and Safe

Organizations implement disaster recovery (DR) for a number of reasons, some of which include business continuity, data preservation, and regulatory compliance. DR is the process for restoring your systems to a previous fully functional state. However, many people don’t realize that a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server can help with your organization’s DR efforts. A […]

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How to Handle File Transfer in Secure Networks

In most organizations, regardless of industry, file transfers happen all day, every day. These transfers take place in the forms of data exchanges like email, network shares, homegrown File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools, and even free online FTP services. Every employee shares information, internally or externally, throughout the day, which raises security concerns. It may […]

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