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Merits of a SQL Server Performance Analyzer vs. Performance Monitor(s)

Abstract SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is a performance analysis product unlike other resource-focused health and alerting monitors; it allows a comprehensive determination of why a particular TSQL statement or stored procedure is slow or creating a performance issue. DPA achieves its performance analysis using wait-based analytics vs. resource utilization/consumption approach. By using this technology, […]

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Designing a Monitoring Solution: Where Are Your Eyes?

Contemporary monitoring solutions are no different from any other distributed application in your environment. Even a small-scale deployment can include multiple components: often, these include a Web server, an application server, and a database server. And as with any distributed application, you need to consider placement for each component. More specifically, when you are charged with designing a monitoring […]

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How to Write Performance Monitor Data to SQL Server

When you are creating a system benchmark you need a place to store your benchmark data and when you’re collecting SQL Server performance data what better place could there be than SQL Server? Performance Monitor is your primary tool for collecting performance data and Performance Monitor has the capability of writing performance data to SQL […]

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