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Using Oracle Cost-based Optimizer Hints: Part 4

This series of articles has focused on Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) hints or directives to the cost-based optimizer (CBO) on manual directions for the explain plan (be sure to read part 1, part 2 and part 3). In this final article, let’s take a look at the hints that I do use. QB_NAME Hint I use the QB_NAME hint quite […]

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Using Oracle Cost-based Optimizer Hints: Part 3

  I have had to use far fewer hints starting with Oracle10.  This optimizer takes a much closer look at index processing than all prior Oracle databases.  I have found I simply don’t need index hints of any kind anymore. Try this during your testing.  This setting will cause the CBO to ignore any hint […]

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Two Options for Query Optimization with SQL Server

Working with SQL Server is always a challenge. As developers try to troubleshoot SQL Server performance problems, the first step that take is to look at the queries. This is the most basic step and most important step for most developers. Developers love these challenges of optimization because they can get the maximum visible performance improvements in their […]

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