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Discover, Alert, Remediate and Troubleshoot: Who does that anyways?

DART imageIn the past few weeks, I’ve introduced DART as the skills that virtualization admins need to develop and grow in order to become masters of their virtual universe. DART is an acronym for the skills of discovery, alerting, remediation, and troubleshooting. And they are basic skills that any virtualization admin can learn and use in their day-to-day responsibilities. Better yet,  they’re actually universal skills that any IT admin can use for any stack, be it virtualization, APM, networking, storage, cloud, and so on. Once you learn and develop them, you can use them with any new technology or tech construct.

Which also makes these very basic in nature. Admittedly, while these are the skills that will help any IT newbie, they might seem trivial to the experts out there who have already built great careers with jobs like like CTOs, Senior Staff Engineers, Head Geeks, and Senior Consultants. Still, I’d claim it’s helpful to take a refresher. But once these skills are mastered, what does greatness look like?

I’ve taken some time to curate blogs from some of my favorite IT experts who epitomize how you can go from basic skill level to mastery and career growth:

  1. Duncan EppingYellow Bricks
  2. Frank DennemanFrank Denneman’s blog
  3. William Lamvirtually Ghetto
  4. Brien M. Poseycom
  5. Mike PrestonMike Preston’s blog
  6. Todd MuirheadVirtual Todd’s Big Blog
  7. VMware Perf R&D team – VROOM Blog
  8. Leon AdatoCost of Monitoring Series and Leon Adato’s Blog
  9. Aidan FinnAidan Finn’s Microsoft Hyper-V Blog
  10. Thomas LaRockThomas LaRock’s Blog

Once you’ve mastered your basic skills, move on to advanced techniques in any of these blogs listed above.

But if you haven’t already gotten started, be sure to download a free copy of my eBook: 4 Skills to Master Your Virtualization Universe.