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Backups just got better with SQL Server 2016

Every release of SQL Server brings many new capabilities–and opportunities for something new to learn. SQL Server 2016 is nothing new in this regards. Along with many other new features in SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has invested enhancements to backup. After exploring these enhancements further, I believe these features are very much of a cloud […]

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Tips for Restoring Data in a MySQL Database

Equally important as backing up data in a MySQL database is the ability to restor data. Most books on the subject emphasize the importance of backing up your data regularly (and rightly so), but restoring the data is an often-overlooked aspect of this process. Backed-up files are useless if they can’t be accessed. Accordingly, you should regularly […]

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Using Oracle RMAN to Restore

When you create backups with RMAN, they get created in one or more backupsets; these backupsets are in proprietary format. In order to use them again for recovery, first you need to extract them from this proprietary format. This process is called restore. You use the RESTORE command of RMAN to restore the backup. For […]

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