Steven Wort

Steven Wort appears courtesy of John Wiley & Sons. Steven has been working with SQL Server since the early days of SQL Server way back in 1992/93. He is currently a developer in the Windows Division at Microsoft, where he works on performance and scalability issues on large database systems for the Windows Telemetry team. Steven has been at Microsoft since 2000. Prior to working in the Windows Division, Steven spent 2 years working in the SQL Server group, working on performance and scalability. Steven’s first 3 years at Microsoft were spent working in support as an escalation engineer on the SIE team. During this time, Steven was able to travel the world working with some of Microsoft’s customers on their performance and scalability issues. Before coming to Microsoft, Steven spent 20 years working in the United Kingdom as a freelance consultant, specializing in database application development. When Steven isnt busy working, he can be found spending time with his family and enjoying many fitness activities in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.